High Quality

We also made a decision.

Handmade shoes for men made out of the most exclusive und durable materials “Made in Italy”. Each pair of LARPO Shoe´s is produced in a traditional manufactory in Milan as unique individual pieces. 

Authentic Italian Craftsmanship leads to a new modern design. Something new, bold and creative. For LARPO Shoe´s.

We are convinced that experienced craftsmanship does not only have to lead to the same well-known shoe models. 


But to something new, innovative. We are not guided by known forms and designs. We are redefining tradition and traditional shoe design. 


Soft leather on the inside in combination with an extremely light, durable leather sole gives you a one-of-a kind comfort. Barefoot or in combination with socks the soft leather supports the feet. The unique design of the shoes provides a perfect and secure fit, felt by every footstep.




An original style is the result of self-confidence. Whether it’s Business-, Casual- or Urbanstyle, these shoes offer you a versatile Style where styling options are endless.


Which style do you choose?

You decide.



From passion to vision.

 It has always been passion. Then an idea developed, followed by the implementation. 


Now it is a vision.

A vision to permanently change the men's shoe market. I do not wish to redesign any of the well-known shoe models like the Loafer, Derby or Oxford. 


It bores me. It bores me to see how diversity falls by the wayside. 


Therefore, it was my intention to develop a shoe that can be worn for all occasions and situations. Away from conventions - to your own decision. No matter if it is in professional or private life.


Therefore, the highest priority in the development was the comfort and lightness of the shoe.


After several attempts over the last two years and the prototype development in different countries such as Portugal, Spain and Germany, we have finally found a great solution in Italy.


Only this particular Milanese manufactory has managed it with great attention to detail and skilled manual work to implement the special sole construction and the exact processing of different leather and materials.


At the end it only remains to say:


Decide, combine, create.




Philipp Dymke